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Outdoor Grilling Hamburgers by Maximilian's Catering

Outdoor Grill

Maximilian's Backyard Grill serves up a traditional hamburg and hot dog feast, but with Maximilian's catering flare.

The Backyard Grill requires a 40 person minimum and you must call to reserve your order. 

See the menu options below.

The Hybrid (The Best of Both Worlds)

(Minimum 50 people - $17.99 Per person)
  • Your choice of meat on a roll or a half Maxx Plate, featuring hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage
  • Home Fries
  • Mac Salad
  • Baked Beans
  • Toppings

Served In a Hinged Container

Image of a garbage plate by Maximilian's Catering
Assorted Grilled meats on the grill at Maximilian's Catering

Maxx Plate

(Minimum 50 people - $14.99 Per person)

Choice of: Hamburgs, Cheeseburgs, Red Hots, Chicken Tenders
Home Fries
Mac Salad

Served In a Hinged Container

Backyard Grill

(Minimum 50 people - $15.99 Per person)

Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Zweigles Italian Sausage w/Pepper & Onions, Zweigles Natural Casing Red or White Hot Dogs

Other Available Options

Zweigles Chicken Sausage - Italian Buffalo, Feta & Spinach, Chorizo
Portabella Mushrooms, Veggie Burgers, Pulled Pork, Beef Barbecue, Grilled Zuccini, Grilled Heirloom tomatoes

Choice of any 3 of the following:

Baked ZitiPotato SaladMacaroni SaladPasta Salad
Garlic PotatoesBaked BeansMac Tuna SaladColeslaw
Tossed SaladGreen Beans with Bacon & red onionPenne Pasta with broccoli, garlic sauceHot German Potato Salad
Salt PotatoesMustard Potato SaladSeasonal Veggie SaladCorn

Customize your choice of salad

Also available for extra charge: BBQ Chicken Pieces or Chicken Breast Sandwich, Meat Hot Sauce